Pretty Princesses

As a kid, I played with a porcelain Cinderalla figurine that was my mom’s when she was a little girl.  It originally came in a gift set with a long-gone Cinderella watch.  Somewhere over the years, I lost track of Cinderella.  I may have dumped her during my teen years, when I was certain that I wouldn’t need any of THOSE little girl things again.  Or she may have gotten ditched during my move from Seattle to Los Angeles to Indianapolis when so many other sentimental treasures were lost in a three month blur.

In the last year, I found another Cinderella.  I’ve worked it out in my head that she is mine; like we never parted ways.  I was so excited to find her, because I feel connected to my and my mom’s childhoods when I look at her.  Then last week, while visiting my husband’s sister in Florida, I spied this beauty among her collectibles.

Who knew there was also a Snow White?  For all I know, there may be more princesses out there.  How many Disney princesses were living happily ever after by the early 1960s?  When I talked to Mom, she remembered that my aunt also had her own watch and princess.  Maybe it was Snow White; I’m working that out in my mind too.  Or I could just ask her….

Princesses reunite!


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