Hazel is a Fighter


The snow is really thawing now in Indianapolis…wait a minute…really?  I’m blogging about the weather?  Anyway.  One of my favorite shrubs in our back yard is this Corkscrew Hazel (aka: Contorted Filbert, Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, Corylus avellana).  It’s more visible now without its 7-inch blizzard blanket, but this girl puts forward her best face against a snowy background.  I rescued this bush from an end-of-season clearance sale at a 90% discount, and I love to imagine the roots underground creeping, pushing, and twisting through the earth in the same way that the gnarly branches grow above ground.  Every year my husband predicts that Hazel is dead.  Then her wrinkly, green leaves unfurl, and she thrives on.


1 thought on “Hazel is a Fighter

  1. abcollins74

    Brava Hazel……..Brava!!
    Not the only fighter in our backyard however! The Japanese Maple has overcome 3 transplantations, a fungus, an out-of-control juniper hell-bent on robbing every vital nutrient from everything in a 50 sq. ft. area and a crazy canine that sees it (the Maple) as his own personal pee-station.
    At one point or another I have proclaimed every plant in that backyard dead. Thank goodness for my wife as I am ever the pessimist!!


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