What? Like, it’s hard?


Until yesterday, this was the last Instagram post I shared as a part of the #365project.  It was late evening on January 16th.  And then I dropped off the (blogosphere) planet.

Recently I read a blog post in which the author shared her challenges with posting to her personal blog while maintaining a full-time job and full-time life.  My inner monologue, in its best Elle Woods voice, thought “What?  Like, it’s hard?”

Legally Blonde

And then.  KAPOW!  Life gave me a swift kick in the ass.  Yes, it can be hard.  Especially when I got so far behind, that I couldn’t figure out how to explain getting behind without sounding whiny and petulant.  So I won’t.  I’ll just stop making excuses, stop being so hard on myself, and start posting blogs again.


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