Inspiration: Hand-Drawn Tribal Prints

Over the weekend I worked on a project that I’m really excited about.  It all started with this foot stool that I picked up for $1.50 at a church rummage sale during the 2012 Irvington Halloween Festival.

After bringing it home, the stool sat (in the way) in various rooms of our house while I ignored it tried to decide what to do with its ugly, brown vinyl self.  Flipping through my Pinterest boards one day, I noticed that I’m pinning more and more tribal pattern projects.  Here are some of my favorites:

Vintage Revivals Tribal Triangle Wall
Hand-stamped tribal triangle wall on Vintage Revivals – I adore everything that Mandi does.  Her mottled stamp pattern gives the wall a worn vintage look that I want to achieve.  That girl is so clever and a true sweetheart too!  By the way, aren’t the floors also incredible?

Herringbone Wall featured on Apartment Therapy – This chevron wall is from a contestant in the 2011 Small/Cool Contest.  Amazeballs!  The beauty of this wall reminds me that sometimes things are better when they are not evenly spaced.

ABM | Hand-Printed Runner
Hand-printed Table Runner on A Beautiful Mess – It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Elsie and Emma.  Without the 365 Project, I may never have started blogging.  What drew my eye to this table runner was the impact of the negative space with just the simple border for pattern.

Screen-printed Pillow on Bromeliad – The Pendleton-inspired pillow that Samantha made combines multiple patterns to create one great look.  Since I have a hard time picking just one design, could I do something like this to achieve a design reminiscent of a kilim rug?  Yes.

What, I thought, if I hand-painted a pattern on my foot stool?  If I left the background brown, it would ground some of the lighter and brighter colors I have in that room.  Plus, if i made a mistake, it would look that much more ‘hand-crafted”.  Bonus!  So I went for it, and here is how the little guy turned out.

Tomorrow I will post a tutorial on how I achieved the look.  I’m so excited!


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