Gold-Painted Vintage Frames: One Thing Leads to Another

Remember when I told the story of 1960’s Annette painting a pair of watercolors in her pretty pink bedroom?  Well it turns out that Annette is actually Artis, and these watercolors were really painted in 1947.  Doh!

I’m sure that I read this handwritten inscription on the back of each painting when I first purchased the watercolors.  They have been hanging in my foyer long enough, however, that this detail was conveniently forgotten when I wrote the first post with such romantic, creative license.  That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.  Truth be told, I could have just as easily forgotten that detail in a week…or less.

Ahem.  So I mentioned in my previous post my plans to bling-up these blonde frames with a little gold-leaf action.  I decided that this weekend was THE time to give these Asian beauties the glitzy love they deserved.  Too impatient to go buy some gold-leaf, I decided to use some of the metallic gold paint that I had left over from this project.  With painters tape in one hand (I didn’t want to disturb the original framing and Ms. Stover McKersie’s inscription) and a cheap sponge brush in the other, this project took less than 15 minutes to complete.  The change is small, but I love how the gold frames look against the wallpaper.

Now, as usually happens when I make one improvement, I noticed all the other little things I wanted to change.  To pull more color from the paintings into other parts of the foyer, I moved the Crate and Barrel pillows from the living room swivel chairs to the built-in bench seat.  I also bought a new shade at Garden Ridge for the credenza lamp (on the far-left).  Hmm.  I love the shade with the vintage tangerine glass lamp, but the scale is a little off.  It may not look like it in this photo, but trust me.  Expect to see this duo move to another part of the house soon.

I also finally got around to trimming the wallpaper around the stairway.  It’s only been like this for about…oh…three years.  Yup.  I’ve never been a good finisher; ask my high school track coach.

Speaking of little things, my sweet Buddy boy approves of the new changes in the foyer.  What is he staring at so intensely, you ask?  Oh nothing.  He’s just concentrating on givng the camera his best profile.  Divo!


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