SeeKarenFollow: This Week

If it weren’t for Instagram, I don’t know if I would remember what I’ve done in a week’s time.

I am now convinced that Spring has arrived, because the daffodils say so.  This (blurry) photo was taken from my car window, because I was too late for work to get out and take the shot.  I’ve been oversleeping every day this week; I think it’s a combination of the allergy medication and my lack of desire to go to work.

What started out as jumping-up-and-down excitement that we were replacing our busted-down front door quickly turned to dejection.  As is often the case with our turn-of-the-century home, a custom solution is required.  Did you know that ‘custom solution’ = $$$$$?!?

It’s true.  I can’t roll out a round pizza dough.  And I’m too scared to even think about tossing one.  Thanks to excellent ingredients like gluten-free pizza dough from BeeFree Bakery and pizza sauce from Local Folks Foods, it didn’t matter much how the pizza looked.

So what have you been pinning on Pinterest this week?  I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.

  1. Now that I’ve painted a basket neon, why not add some neon-painted candlesticks from the thrift store?
  2. I often think that it’s the simplest crafts that lead to the most beautiful results.  Case in point, this moss-covered wreath.
  3. This pom-pom embellished lampshade with its scrolled interior is giving me so many ideas right now.
  4. Speaking of embellishment, I’m trying to figure out which of my sweaters needs some new button and grosgrain ribbon bling.
  5. I have a few items of my grandparents’ clothing that will always remind me of them, so this wallet made from a suit coat could be a great way to carry them with me every day.
  6. Did you know that Goo Gone was so potentially harmful.  I’ve got to admit that I had a good idea.  I’m definitely going to be making some of this DIY non-toxic goo remover for myself, my friends, and my family.
  7. This springtime crockpot minestrone is perfect for a full-of-projects day like today.
  8. You had me at beets: creamy beet salad with walnuts.
  9. Just substituting some gluten-free cookies in this microwave single-serving apple pie may make it my next go-to dessert.  Also, this post asks the question: to cheese or not to cheese?
  10. I’m not able to pin images for this Cucumber Blonde Bloody Mary, but it is definitely going on my to-drink list.

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