SeeKarenFollow: This Week

I was a post or two short this week, so much happened that it was a blur.  Let’s catch up on Instagram.

With our guest room remodel, we have been shifting furniture all over the second floor of the house.  The ‘dog couch’ in the craft room, however, has remained in place.  Much to Greta’s delight.

I’m taking a lot of joy from all the trees and flowers that are now blooming.

Buddy, though, is not so fond of the April showers that bring May flowers.  Here he is glued to my side during one of a few thunderstorms that we experienced last week.  Greta was just as close on my other side, making me a doggie sandwich.

So when I wasn’t trapped on the couch between two dogs, I was cleaning out closets and drawers.  How is it that a project in one room results in so many other projects?  I know I’m not alone here.

The good news is that more couch time meant more time for pinning.

  1. If we weren’t replacing the back stairs with a small powder room, I would definitely be using this idea of putting wallpaper samples on the stair risers.
  2. Yes, I am an adult.  I am!  That doesn’t stop me from wanting these Super Mario pillows and this superhero comic book pillow in my living room.  Geek chic.
  3. I told Glamorous Mommy that I am totally stealing this chalkboard art idea, since I have these exact Target prints.
  4. I just finished my own cookbook bird house, but now I want another one, or three, like these road map bird houses.
  5. Some one serve me up one, or three, of these lemon vodka slushies.
  6. Yum!  I think that I could eat this warm salad with all the Spring produce superstars weekly.
  7. I am so making a gluten-free version of this Ploughman sausage and cheese pie.
  8. Mother’s Day will be here in a flash.  This handwritten recipe tea towel would make a lovely gift.
  9. Of course, flowers in this gold-dipped vase is a sure hit too.
  10. And if you aren’t feeling crafty, support other crafty artisans with a gift like this family tree pillow.

Have a splendid weekend!  I have thrift shopping and room remodeling on my agenda.


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