The O.G. (Old Guest Room): Progress?

What’s this sad and boring picture, you ask?  Oh, just our unpainted guest room closet.  It’s primed and (mostly) painted now.  But since I finished in the near-dark, I don’t have an “after” shot to show you yet.

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that we may not be crossing many items off the list as we get into the more time-consuming tasks of our guest bedroom project.  And then last week, I forgot to publish the list.  I guess it doesn’t matter, because it hasn’t changed much…as predicted.

  1. Move everything back out of the room
  2. Fix the plate for the light fixture/ceiling fan
  3. Repair and sand the plaster on the ceiling and walls
  4. Putty and sand the trim moldings
  5. Paint the ceiling, trim and walls
  6. Install the custom closet
  7. Sand and stain the floors
  8. Hang the ceiling fan
  9. Hang the curtains and blinds
  10. Move everything back into the room

What didn’t make the list:

  • Spending four hours at Home Depot while finding and ordering a new custom front door…and not because we are too choosy.  Did I mention that this is our second attempt at ordering after our second door measurement in two weeks?  (details to come in a future post)
  • More patching and sanding (which seemed like a never-ending job)
  • Hanging out with my nephews and niece (all work and no play make Karen a dull girl)
  • Installing a new service door on our detached garage (the hubby is beaming with pride)
  • And the usual weekend going’s ons

Whew!  I’m (almost) happy to be back at the 9-to-5 today.  Did you get a lot accomplished this weekend too?


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