Countdown to Cinco de Mayo: Blood Orange-Mango Margaritas

Here it is.  The obligatory Cinco de Mayo margarita post.  I’ve been saving my last two blood oranges all week just to make these margaritas.  What?

It’s just that blood oranges are the perfect sweet-tart flavor for a kick-ass margarita.  But I only had two.  And I would feel bad to sit and drink my margarita in front of the hubby without sharing.

So I added mango.  And then I surprised the hubby on the back deck with drinks after he finished mowing the yard last night.  Aren’t I a good wife?

You don’t need the Grand Marnier float for these margaritas, but I try to use Grand Marnier whenever possible.  Don’t you?  I also chose not to use any sweetener, because the mango puree is plenty sweet for us.  If you want a sweeter margarita, you could add 2 ounces of simple syrup.  I was considering how a spicy, yet smoky, chipotle simple syrup could just be the perfect addition to this margarita.  Hmm, I feel a second round attempt coming.

Blood Orange-Mango Margarita

2 oz. blood orange juice
1 oz. lime juice
6 oz. mango puree
4 oz. tequila
crushed ice
Grand Marnier splash
lime wheel and mango slice, for garnish

Combine blood orange juice, lime juice, mango puree, and tequila in a mixing glass and stir.  Pour over crushed ice in two margarita glasses and top with a splash of Grand Marnier.  Garnish with a lime wheel and mango slice, if desired.

Makes 2 cocktails.


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