profilepicANNUM: a year
OGRAPHY: representation of a specified object

When Elsie from A Beautiful Mess invited others to join her in a 365 challenge (see post here), I thought it was just the kick in the pants I needed to FINALLY start a blog. (Almost) every day, I share Instagram photos from my life and then blog about them later. Thank you for visiting my blog!

I love to collaborate with the blogging community.  If you would like to feature Annumography in your blog, please always provide a link back to the original Annumography post.  DO NOT post the entire content of any blog post, the text of any recipe or step-by-step tutorial, or more than one photo from a blog post without my written permission. Annumography is protected by copyright laws.

Speaking of community, I have been featured on the following blogs, as well as on Brooklyn Berry Designs and Nest Design Studio:

homework           UndertheTableandDreaming     Liz Marie Blog                     DETAILS



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