Not Every Idea Works

This evening I started craving a burger.  But not only a burger; I wanted a burger topped with cottage cheese.  I mean, why not cottage cheese instead of Cheddar or Swiss?  The more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded.

But what do I eat with this burger?  Oooh!  I have some crimini mushrooms that I need to cook soon, and there are some grape tomatoes that should be used too.  Why not roast these and serve them over the cottage-cheese-topped-burger?

So I roasted the mushrooms and tomatoes, fried up some bison burgers, put it all together with a side of pickles, and took my first bite.  Hmm.  Another bite.  Nothing like I had imagined it would be.  The cottage cheese was too bland, the mushrooms too tough…and the whole thing just didn’t work together like it did in my mind.  It was about as blah as my food photography skills.  (Still working toward that goal.)

So why waste your time and mine with a post about a failed meal attempt?  Because if I didn’t try new things, then life would be stale.  If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t know what works and what doesn’t.  Since I was a little kid experimenting with the spices in my mama’s cabinet, I have played with food.  And when something new works, IT’S AWESOME!  So much more rewarding than the same-old-same.  And when it doesn’t work, I move on with the knowledge that next time will be better.

So what life experiment have you tried lately?


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