SeeKarenFollow: This Week

When I mentioned last week that I seemed to always be on Instagram, I may have jinxed myself.  Because allergy season has {already} started kicking my butt.

What qualifies as a cocktail fail?  Because this one tasted good, but didn’t look at all like I envisioned it.  Let’s consider it a personal success, because the homemade mint liqueur was yummy in slushy form.

Speaking of near-failures, last weekend I scrambled eggs with chorizo and served them with roasted vegetables and fried polenta.  It was good, but not great (and the hubby was not a fan.)  Not being a give-upper, I used the leftovers to make a casserole…enchillada-style.  Success!  It turned out super yummy, and the hubby was happy (I credit the added jalapenos and cheese).

And the answer is yes.  I will roast just about any vegetable that crosses my path.  Here I threw together some carrots, sugar snap peas, and asparagus in walnut oil and tossed the mix in the oven.  Forty minutes later, I topped the blend with feta cheese and diced dates and called it supper.  A squeeze of lemon brought the needed acidity to the sweet roasted blend.

Sinus congestion + headaches = less time on Pinterest this week.

  1. There are so many great plate wall collage ideas, but I think these art plates are the best I’ve seen so far.
  2. I may be counting the minutes until the Mad Men season premiere.  If you need me between now and then, I’m playing with these paper dolls.
  3. Does it have lace on it?  Then there’s a good chance that I will pin it.  See my newest favorite lace-embellished t-shirt.
  4. Spring makes me want carrot cake.  Maybe it’s all the bunnies?  I’m looking forward to trying this gluten-free and refined sugar-free version.
  5. Warmer weather means that I will also be craving more raw vegetables.  First up, this shaved brussel sprout salad.

Have a great weekend and take your allergy medicine!


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