When it comes to health, or rather avoiding common ailments, I’ve always followed the mind-over-matter school of thought.  I DON’T GET SICK.  But I am currently in Day 4 of struggling through bronchitis symptoms.  (Let’s get real, it’s probably more likely Day 7 or 8.)  Nuts to mind-over-matter!  How is putting all that positive energy into the universe working out for me now?  Can I tell you a secret?  The Secret is crap.

Okay, so getting my dander up is making it more challenging to breath.  Instead let’s take a moment to gaze fondly at the wonderfully saturated colors of my vintage salted nuts tin against the peacock blue tray from Target.  Please excuse the blurriness of the photo, although it does a pretty accurate job of demonstrating how I am seeing the world today.  I love the contrast of colors and that the caramely brown is carried through on the mid-century cocktail table where this tray sits.  Just love it!  Honestly, it’s these little things in life that make me happy.  That’s the real secret.

The tray pictured is no longer available, but this pretty coral lattice tray also strikes my fancy.  By the way, who hates when they gamble on snatching up something at Target when it goes on clearance, only to miss buying it altogether?  This girl.  All Christmas season I admired the gold faux bois and stag design melamine party plates.  I waited too long, and now they are nowhere to be found.  Boo!


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